A pineapple ornament here, a cockatoo nightlight there. QT does quirky soooo well, and on the GC it’s a special brand of off-the-wall, where Miami meets Surfers Paradise, has a sordid affair and spawns an adorable lovechild called Colour.

Photo: Courtesy of QT Gold Coast

Lesson: Sometimes all you need to bring a space to life is a sense of humour and geometry. Well at least, that’s what the QT on Queensland’s Gold Coast would have us believe. In truth, the interiors are a carefully curated showcase of repeated shapes, contrasting tones, popping hues and layered textures. The result is a very playful (or should I say ‘playboy’?) scene that deftly suits the nature of its surroundings.


As soon as you walk into the lobby… no, wait – BEFORE you enter the lobby, you’re treated to the fun and frivolity of the hotel. Two retro cars crowned with surfboards (that probably haven’t tasted salt for decades but who cares? They look the part) are parked out front, and a staff member sporting boardshorts and a beard swaggers up the stairs.

Photo: Courtesy of QT Gold Coast

Once inside, it’s hard to know where to look: at the huge LED screen, running repeating images of patterns in nature that seem to dance to the sound of Flight Facilities’ smooth tunes slipping out of the speakers; or the long cluster of domed pendants like half-cut citrus fruits dangling in varying sizes overhead.

I head straight to one of the several Mark Tuckey sofas, recline against the Xavier & Me cushions, and take it all in.

Lobby me 2
Photo: Felicity Crocker

There are gorgeous and graceful Carver chairs in pretty pastels, sitting alongside wiry Acapulco chairs in bold red. It’s a multi-tonal party and every colour of the rainbow is invited. There’s more Mark Tuckey timber, this time his ubiquitous Eggcup stools. And did I mention the repeating shapes? Everywhere I look, I see geometry. And mostly circles. It’s this repetition of shape that glues the sea of colours, zany patterns and multiple zones together. Nice.

Photo: Felicity Crocker


Two things happen when you enter the lift to go to your room. One, you get a fright from the bikini-clad woman inside who’s sporting stilettos and striking a sexy pose. Two, you feel rather silly (and yet, still highly overdressed) when you realise she is an artwork, emblazoned on the mirrored walls.

In room, the all-white palette tones the colour pops down a notch, and lets our stunning ocean views play super hero for a while. There’s still evidence of retro Florida playing a role here, with a touch of Palm Springs thrown in for good measure, all crisply tied together with an undercurrent of black and white stripes.

King suite
Photo: Courtesy of QT Gold Coast

The highlight for me is the bathroom, which seems to shout “Three Cheers for Geometry!” every time you enter. Hip Hip Hooray indeed.

Photo: Courtesy of QT Gold Coast


You appreciate iconic design but in a light-hearted, summery kind of way.

Photo: Felicity Crocker


A Quirky Nature And Colourful Personality

Photo: Felicity Crocker


Nic Graham

flamingo cushions

Photo: Felicity Crocker


I HAVE to mention the breakfast at the QT, downstairs on Level 1 at Bazaar. Rumours were heard in advance. Expectations were met on morning one. A whole counter dedicated to Bircher Muesli, yoghurt and fruit ensembles in a gorgeous pattern of mini mason jars. Hot food served out of cast iron Chasseur pots in all the colours of the rainbow. Flavoured milks in retro jugs. Stripey paper straws. Just. Go.

Photo: Courtesy of QT Gold Coast


From $179 per night for a Mountain View Room.



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