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A bath in the sitting area of my hotel room? Why not, I say. While you’re at it, fashion me some lighting from a metal drum would you? Suspend me an oversized round mirror on chains from the ceiling and call it a room divider, then furnish the room with vintage pieces. Ok, you’ve got me, Indigo Pearl.

My recent stay at the Indigo Pearl in Phuket revealed an experience quite unlike what you’d usually associate with an island resort. Drawing on Phuket’s heritage as a tin-mining district, it weaves a moody industrial theme throughout deluxe interiors and contrasts concrete and metal with a tropical setting. A series of sculptures and lighting installations have been crafted out of recycled and found materials by designer Bill Bensley and Australian sculptor and Interior Designer, John Underwood. The result is simultaneously historic, bold, eclectic and indulgent.


Indigo Pearl
Tongkah Tin Syndicate. Just one of the bars at the beachside resort. 


Indigo Pearl
Bathroom vanities are fascinating creations, a mix of luxury and recyclables. And what’s that just outside the door..?


Indigo Pearl
Dirty Monstera is a seductive setting for sipping on a cocktail. 


Indigo Pearl
The lobby – makes for a memorable entrance.


Indigo Pearl
Hang on… are we in New York or Phuket? The Rivet restaurant is about highly sophisticated dining. 


Indigo Pearl
Showstopper alert: The Coqoon Day Spa and its ‘Nest’ is sensational, inside and out.



Bill Bensley of Bensley Design Studio

Indigo Pearl
The D-Buk Suite. 



You’d like a side of fascinating design with your pad thai.

Indigo Pearl
One of three pools. Swim on up and settle in…



Industrial, Edgy Design Meets Tropical Luxe

Indigo Pearl
Suspended day bed that just screams SUNSET.



Indigo Pearl
Another definitely-not-boring bathroom.

All images are courtesy of Indigo Pearl Resort.


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