The Artful Lodger blog is written and edited by me, Sally Paterson. While predominantly a forum to share and explore inspiring spaces, people and products that I come across, it also acts as a business, in that I sometimes accept compensation from other brands or businesses in exchange for reviewing, discussing, representing or linking to, their services/sites/products.

These arrangements might be in the form of affiliate links (where a reader links from my page to that of another business and ends up purchasing their product), sponsorship (where I’m provided with a fee to represent or review a product/place/service) or general paid advertising on the site.

All this, means that you my dear readers, are indirectly helping me keep The Artful Lodger blog alive, at no extra cost to you.

You can rest assured that each and every brand, product, place or service I work with will be one that is in line with the values of my blog, and that my reviews on them will remain 100% honest and transparent regardless of any commission I earn or don’t earn. Cross my heart. x